By: Jules Sherwood

I need the catharsis of salty water
And wracking breaths
Shaking shoulders
But the well behind my eyes is deep,
So deep that it aches,
And my rope doesn’t reach down far enough
So tough luck but I guess you’ll be stuck with these needles in your eyes and knives in your sides until you can sort through the haystack and find the pin to hold yourself together
But whether or not you do
Right now is sharp
Sharp enough to –
Cut yourself off and push past
The wall in your chest
The cement that has become the foundation for
‘Next time.’
You’ll deal with yourself later
Make a deal with yourself that you’ll break

I wrote this poem a little while ago now, but I’m bringing it back because I think it’s still relevant. That feeling of overwhelm that doesn’t quite breach the surface, but feels like it should. Especially right now, during the holidays when we so often feel like we’re “supposed” to be happy. But that’s not always the case, particularly during our current circumstances, and that’s ok. Sending you lots of love!


Jules ❤

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