Weather People

I originally intended this blog to be a writing blog, and to be honest, that’s still my intention. So, on this snowy May day, I figured I should post some more writing! Today I have a poem to share, appropriately named “Weather People.”

Weather People

Sunshine people are my favourite kind,
With their bright smiles and sparkling eyes,
You just know they’re holding a laugh somewhere inside,
Until it bubbles up and out of them like they’ve never been closed off in their life

Rainy people are a different sort of fun,
Capricious and wistful
You never know whether they will thunder or mist,
But rest assured that they will move you somehow,

Cloudy people need windy friends
To shove them from one moment into the next
They’re dreamers from whimsy to dreary and back,
But they have a knack for silver linings you won’t find anywhere else

Blustering and breathtaking,
Windy people are a force,
Coarse yet persuasive with their voice,
At a howl or a breeze,
They are the sort that will bring you to your knees

I love weather people in all of their forms,
Their rainbows and lightning and various storms,
And if you can weather their passion, their change,
You’ll find yourself better, more open, 
More strange.

By: Jules Sherwood

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