First Post

Hi there, my name is Jules (she/they) – I recently started going by my nickname, because it sounds more gender neutral to me.

Being non-binary is a funny little world that I’m still exploring. Obviously, I’ve been non-binary my whole life, but I only recently figured that out (lol, go figure.)

I wasn’t sure, initially, how I wanted to begin this blog. And then I realized it’s mine. I can do whatever I want with it, and ultimately, that’s my plan. I want it to be an “open” format. Which to me means that I will write about anything and everything. Cohesion?? Don’t know her.

If you choose to follow along, expect to read about writing, (and the projects I’m working on), LGBTQ+ content, the performer life, mental health, and possibly much more. This past year or so has been a time of big changes in my life, so if you’d like to roll with it alongside me then you’re more than welcome.

Living more openly, and more confidently, is a new challenge that I’m undertaking. I want to be more vocal in my life, and much louder about the dreams I have – after all, if I never talk about it, who will listen?

Believe it or not, I’ve had a blog before, but I never shared it with anyone. Fear is a such an incessant obstacle, but I’ve found that the more I practice moving past it, the less heavy it seems.

It took me a long time to start this blog. I kept telling myself I had to wait. That once I had something of significance or relevance to write about, then I would begin. That I had no ideas. Nothing to offer. Oh, the lies we tell ourselves.

Well, here we are. If you’ve made it this far then here’s a secret: I want to be a writer.

There. Terrifying, but worth it. You know, the only time I’ve ever shared any writing with “the public” was very recently, when I found out I was a finalist in a writing contest. I’d never entered a writing contest before, or written flash fiction really, so needless to say this was exciting news for me, (to say nothing of the feedback I received on my piece), but I still didn’t intend to share it.

Well. Through a process of self-talk and good influences, I did. And I was completely overwhelmed by the response. Overwhelmed. That word connotes a lot of emotion doesn’t it? But that’s the truth. 

The people who know me well or know me recently might be surprised that my ambitions to write have been a secret. One that they’ve been privy to – sometimes without knowing.

Vulnerability is a word that anyone who’s acted for any length of time will be intimately familiar with. And it’s where I’ve received the most feedback throughout my training. Instructors and peers telling me, asking me, suggesting (strongly) that I be more vulnerable. Y’all happy now?

Truly though, this is something I want. Being myself in front of other people. So far, that’s brought a lot of good into my life. People and opportunities and experiences that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. Highly recommend.

Along with this adventure comes the effort to trust myself. My gut, my intuition. To breathe through the challenges and know that I can handle them.

On that note: part of me feels this could be an even longer post, but my gut is telling me to wrap it up. So, let me conclude by saying that this is scary for me, this is nerve-racking, but I intend to keep it up. I have a feeling I will have a lot to say.



TL;DR: Name is Jules, I’m new to identifying as enby, this is my first blog post and it’s all about writing and vulnerability and being myself!

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